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    Lions are more than sausages.....First Saturday of each month, John Street.

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    IPSWICH 100 Bike Ride 22nd April 2018.

    The Lions Club of Rosewood has once again supported the Lions Club of Mt Crosby Moggill with their annual project, the Ipswich 100 bike ride. The Rosewood Lions manned the marshal areas, at Walloon, Rosewood and Amberley and the drink site in Rosewood, that are on parts of the 100 mile, 100km and 50km routes. This bike ride raises over $100,000 for charity. Thank you to all those members who rose early to help on this worthwhile project. The Rosewood Lions Club would also like to thank the Lions of Mt Crosby Moggill for giving us this opportunity and also all the riders that participated (over 500).

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    A letter from of the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club

    As the current president of the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club I am contacting your club today and asking for your support.
    We are trying to raise as much money as we can for local charities and Angel Flight, at Barcaldine, Qld., as they no longer have a local Lions Club so we are doing what we can for the community, as we are a national club.
    The AMLC main objective is to assist as many local lions clubs as we travel this vast country with their main events, to find out more please visit our website:
    Thank you for the opportunity and I hope that your club will be kind enough to spread the word where ever you can as we hope to smash the current record of 672 RV's.
    I ask that your members share this with as many of their friends on Facebook if possible.

    Lion Len Waddington
    President and a founding member of the AMLC.

    Facebook -

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    Lions President, David Landers, of the Lions Club of Mogill-Mt Crosby visited the Lions Club of Rosewood on the 21 March to update the club on their responsibilities as marshals for the Lions Club of Mogill-Mt Crosby's major project, “The Ipswich 100 Bike Ride”. Lion David gave the club a short history of the ride that has raised approximately $70,000 each year for charity, as we all know every dollar raised by Lions Clubs goes back to charity. There are no administration costs in Lions Clubs as we are all volunteers. The ride this year is on the Sunday 22 April and the Lions Club of Rosewood is responsible for the area from Walloon to the southern boundary of Rosewood and out to Amberley along with the drink stop in Rosewood. Here Lion David is discussing the ride with his brother-in-law, Lion Ivan Schindler, who is the Ride Co-ordinator for the Lions Club of Rosewood. Information about the ride can be found on the web at

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    You can find all our latest news in our Rosewood Lions Roar Bulletin, either by going to the link below or on our DIARY/ETC page on our web site where you may find all our Bulletins for the year.

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    Our congratulations go to the fine citizens of Rosewood that were nominated for this award. Colin DANNEVIG, Kay WYNNE-ALLEN, John “Darcy” DUGGAN, Lillian “Coral” JONES and Shirley BOUGHEN. The Citizen of the Year was awarded to Shirley BOUGHEN.


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    The town of Rosewood is now on the RV Friendly list. The article attached is from the local Advertiser.

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    Lions 100 Years Worldwide 70 Years in Australia

    Lions Australia is our largest service club with over 1,200 local clubs spread across Australia and Papua New Guinea. The Lions motto “We Serve” is exemplified in the many hundreds of community projects undertaken and supported by Lions Clubs each year

    2017 is a special year for Lions Clubs here in Australia and around the world. Lions International is celebrating 100 years this year and the first Lions club in Australia was formed in Lismore 70 years ago.

    To find out more about Australian Lions Clubs go to the official website

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    Two More Hands

    The Two More Hands video and audio resources are provided as community service announcements for television, radio and in other media. Have a look! They are great fun.

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District news

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    Lions Renal Laboratory set up at the PA Hospital in the early days

    To: the District Governors and Members of LIONS districts 201Q1, 201Q3 and 201Q4.

    Dear LIONS DG 201Q1 Ann Reed,

    I have just enjoyed watching a 15 minute movie mentioned in 201Q1’s on-line news items . It was made by one Roy Worfold, a true gentleman and a dedicated LION (of "201K") back in the 60's and 70's, and it explains 'what is a LIONS Club'. (Movie on:

    Well, I am very happily aware of what LIONS Clubs can do. I saw myself in the movie, because I was the doctor shown in the LIONS Renal Laboratory at Princess Alexandra Hospital. How well I recall the remarkable support I received from so many Clubs in (then) 201K and 201A districts. How much I enjoyed doing my research backed by people who believed whole-heartedly in the need for it.

    I used to talk about the work we were doing at all 201A and 201K Conventions, and many times I talked to individual LIONS clubs. However, it occurred to me that, although I did my best to explain the research in straight-forward language, LIONS did not have a hard copy of the publications that arose from that research in my time as your research Fellow from 1966-1978.

    So, I decided to photocopy the more important of those publications and put them together in a book as a record of the outcome of your support for our work back in those exciting days, to allow your full perusal of them . I hope this may provide something of historical significance for you and your District to keep, to show what LIONS did to get medical research rolling, not only for my work but for a ll the impressive subsequent achievements in medical research you have made and are making possible.

    Therefore, if you would accept this book for your archives, it would be a great honour to me and I believe to the memory of the countless LIONS Members who made it all possible.

    Yours in fond memories and with my very best regards, sincerely,

    John Healy.

    If you are interested in reading the book please contact Peter Ho

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    May is recycle for sight month

    This month, collect used eyeglasses and raise awareness about the Lions eyeglass recycling program.

    Eyeglass recycling is one of the Lions most popular activities.

    Refractive errors can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions in developing nations lack access to basic eye care services. Lions have recognized the urgent need for corrective lenses and continue to lend their support to the Lions Recycle for Sight Program.

    Starting an eyeglass collection in your community can be an easy and rewarding activity that will raise your club's visibility and provide your fellow Lions with a great deal of satisfaction in serving others.

    Contact local businesses, schools, libraries, places of worship, city administrative centers and eye care professionals. Invite them to assist with your collection efforts by hosting collection boxes.

    Use Lions Recycle for Sight resources for your collection campaign,

    Send your collected eyeglasses, reading glasses, frames and sunglassesse to one of the official Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers.

    Report your club's eyeglass collection efforts via the online Lions Club Service Activity Report.

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